Harry Grundy — A bathroom design modelled on Hurricane Doris commissioned by The Guardian for Geberit Aquaclean.

Taken from the article by Jo Payton:

“I wanted the bathroom’s concept to grow from something familiar,” says Grundy. “Britain’s tur- bulent and unpredictable weather seemed like

an interesting theme to project onto the room as

it changes from day to day. I looked at meteoro- logical storm maps and topography and extruded these graphic forms into something solid and haptic.”


Grundy says it felt natural, when designing the practical features of the room, to look at more visceral appropriations of the weather. “Cross- winds, blown from vents in the structure, blow

the user dry. Thick, humid air rises from the floor, creating a sauna. The showerhead manifests itself as thousands of holes in the ceiling, leading to

a unique and yet familiar showering experience.”

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