Harry Grundy

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Fertility Vase


Repurposing something used to prevent life as a means to nurture it.


210mm x 100mm

Polished brass

Rocking Robin


Modifying Robin Day's iconic chair, designed for education to encourage play and misbehaviour.


310mm x 440mm

Hille Series E chair, tubular steel

The Play Project


An ongoing body of work exploring materiality and building processes with a childish impatience. By learning through making relationships were built with technicians and specialists, whilst questioning and stretching their orthodoxies.


Various materials and dimensions.

The Play Book & Show


A printed compendium of the experiments was produced as a mail out, inviting collaboration with specialists.


An exhibition at my old primary school, Belmont, encouraging the children to draw and write about the work.

Anya Hindmarch Smells


Whilst at Anyways Creative I worked on a concept store and short video for fashion designer Anya Hindmarch.


We boldly introduced her new range of scented candles with a giant nose and a model train set.


Creative: Anyways Creative

Film: Pavillion Works

Set Build: Mimesis Models

Photography: GG Arhcard

ABC Stool


A stool has been expertly crafted by a furniture maker then hand assembled by his daughter.


The wood joints are modelled on traditional shape fitting toys, used to teach children cognitive recognition.


The stool represents a playful, collaborative take on flat pack furniture.


450mm x 300mm

Poplar, Primary Wood Stainer




My entry for the ME and EU project- a series of postcards designed by British creatives as a means to reconnect with the rest of Europe after the trigger date of Article 50.


A6 postcard

Mortar by Pestle


An ongoing project making a mortar with it's pestle.


150mm x 150mm

Earthenware clay, granite






Butch Auntie


A poster for a lecture by projection mapping specialists, Butch Auntie.


An analogue take on projection.


210mm x 297mm

Acetate sheet, Blutack

Last Words


A series of crematorial urns modelled on the soundwaves taken from the last words of the deceased.


In collaboration with Cameron Field.



Zen Bunkers


Japanese zen gardens have been cultivated in the most stressful part of the golf course. Encouraging mindfulness and contemplation.


A collaboration with Calum Ray and Jackson Iredale.


Kodak Maxprint